Thursday, 26 August 2010

The Source

The interaction of Pre and Post-Heaven Energies

In Chinese Medicine conception is the joining of the sexual essence of mother and father forming what is called Pre-natal or Pre-heaven Essence. This Pre-natal Essence combined with the mothers Essence nourishes the foetus throughout pregnancy. After birth the young infant starts to breath, eat and drink and extracts Essence from the food it ingests. This Essence extracted from food forms what is known as Post-natal or Post-heaven Essence.

Pre-natal Essence is finite in nature as it is received only once, at conception. Pre-natal Essence is effected by life style and diet. If we live a balanced life and receive adequate Post-natal Essence from a healthy diet then the strain on Pre-natal Essence is minimised.

The combining of Pre-natal and Post-natal Essence gives rise to what is known as Kidney Essence which is often just referred to as Jing or The Essence. Generally Essence is said to be stored below and between the Kidneys which is why it is referred to as Kidney Essence or as Kidney Yin, Essence being Yin and Ki being Yang.

Jing determines growth, development and fertility and is said to follow a 7-8 year cycle where we expect to see stages of growth and development. Woman’s Jing follows the shorter cycle of 7 years and as such they mature faster than Men who’s cycle is around 8 years. As Jing declines naturally throughout our life time we see a reduction in fertility and ageing.

Jing produces Marrow which in Chinese Medicine not only includes the marrow in your bones but also the spinal cord and brain, therefore adequate Jing is important in the nourishment of a healthy central nervous system.

As well as Pre-natal Essence, Basic, Original or Fundamental Ki is inherited at Conception. Basic Ki is a concept not only relating to the origins of life but also to the origins of the universe. Basic Ki contains both Yin and Yang and splits to give rise to Yin and Yang at the beginning of the universe. Basic Ki is finite in nature, when Basic Ki is spent so is life.

Within the body Basic Ki is stored between the Kidneys and is said to be the Motive Force. It is described as Essence in Ki form and is nourished by Post-natal Essence. The term Basic Ki may include the concept of Pre-Natal Essence. The action of Basic Ki on Pre and Post-natal essence gives rise to Source Ki. Ki (Kidney Yang) warms Essence (Kidney Yin) to transform it into Kidney Ki (Source Ki). Basic Ki is seen as the source of Source Ki.

In some books the term Original Ki covers both the concept of Basic Ki and Source Ki where they are not differentiated. Source Ki and Basic Ki are seen as almost the same, Basic Ki being more primordial. Remember Basic Ki is finite and therefore acts as a catalyst for Ki production in the body rather than solely fuel the body by itself. Source Ki extends that catalytic action beyond the Kidneys helping in the transformation of Ki and Essence at various levels throughout the body.