Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Breathing exercise for acid reflux

Recently I received further confirmation of the effectiveness of a breathing/visualisation technique that I give to clients experiencing acid reflux.  These clients have found the technique to be completely effective.

The technique uses abdominal breathing (breathing with the diaphragm rather than intercostal muscles) and visualisation:
  • While breathing in, visualise the diaphragm pushing the stomach down and away from the chest.
  • Then while breathing out visualise the diaphragm relaxing, releasing its hold on the oesophagus, and rising back up into the chest leaving the stomach behind.  Visualising space between the stomach and diaphragm.
  • Repeat exercise, taking deep but relaxed abdominal breaths for as long as feels appropriate
The breathing coupled with the visualisation should reduce the upwards pressure upon the stomach created by abdominal pressure because of poor posture, overweight, overeating, stress and tension, etc.

Clients have found that the technique gives them almost immediate relief and when repeated on occasion find no re-occurrence of discomfort.  They also report the exercise is best done lying down.]