Saturday, 2 August 2008

Pollock Family Day

Just back from a lovely day at Pollock Country park.  I was part of a team of therapist representing Woodland herbs at the Pollock family day.  The weather was lovely, blue sky and the occasional big fluffy cloud.  As is usual at these events the day started slowly which was great as it gave me the opportunity to have some on-site massage from Mary.  Just the thing for starting the day.  Cheers Mary.

Now while I was having my massage, I caught the smell of Moxa.  Just the thing for my dodgy knee.  So when Mary had finished with me I sat myself down with the acupuncturists, who were playing with a Tiger warmer (An instrument that holds smouldering Moxa that is used to warm acupuncture points).  Kindly, Paula applied the nourishing heat to my knee, heaven. Cheers Paula.

Having had two treatments from colleagues it was only fair that I returned the favour.  Which I did by working on Paula's shoulders.  As the morning went on I think we all had at least one treatment each.  Filling the time talking by working on each other, talking about our therapies, sharing tips, etc.

By the end of the day I had worked on a few clients, earned a few pennies, watched the presentation of a man dressed as a Knight showing fathers and sons nasty tricks with sharp implements, received some treatment and chatted with my colleagues.  All in all it was a pleasant day.