Thursday, 28 February 2008

Self Shiatsu (Do-In) for the Calf

Start by lying on your back with both knees up and feet on the ground.  Lift one leg and rest it's calf on top of the knee of the opposite leg.  Let the weight of the leg drop onto the knee.  Feel your calf relax as you take a couple of deep breaths.

Next move the upper leg to a different point of the calf.  Repeat all over the lower leg seeking out tight and tender areas.  Use the differing edges of the kneecap to find the right angle to meet the tight muscles.    Let the relaxed weight of your leg to do the work rather than pulling.  Relaxation results in deeper pressure.  Stay with the tight and tender areas for as long as feels good.  Let your breathing help you relax.  If uncomfortable, then still use relaxed weight but for shorter periods of time.  If painful, then work around the painful area.   Do not apply directly to an injury.  Rather this exercise will help the recovery of a muscle after the injury has healed.